DropGuard 2.0 Case for Samsung S10/S10+


Extreme drop protection for your Samsung!

Over 70% of Samsung screen cracks happen when it’s dropped on its edges. That’s why we’ve designed the X.One® DropGuard 2.0 case to combo with the world’s toughest screen protector. Slim + Impact Protection for your iPhone.

Impact Resistant
Signature air-compartment structure designed to absorb and disperse impact.

Edge Guard
Over 70% of mobile devices screen cracks happens when it is dropped on the edges. That’s why we’ve designed the Edge Guard technology to protect your precious devices.

Low Profile 
At only 1.5mm thick, you can do away with bulky cases. X-One DropGuard offers you drop protection from 3 meters and day-to-day wear and tear.

Design with easy access to all features of the device. Maintain the original aestheticity of your beautiful Samsung.

Premium Material
Made from premium imported TPU from Germany.

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