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How does X One Ultimate Shock Absorption Screen Protector Work?
The X One Ultimate Shock Absorption Screen Protector is composed of four individual layers of technologically advanced materials.

1. Scratch Protection Layer with surface hardness above 5H
2. Military-grade Shock Dispersive Cushioning Layer
3. Anti-Pierce Stretch Resistance Layer
4. Reusable Silicon-adhesive Layer.

All these layers forms an ultimate barrier on your screen that absorbs most of the energy from an impact and helps spread any remaining forces out to the surrounding areas, minimizing the chance of the impact cracking your screen.

Is it true that our device will not crack when fallen or hit with high impact when it is hit X One Shock Absorption Screen Protector
X One Shock Absorption Screen Protector offers very effective protection for accidental drops and shocks that screens may be exposed to in daily life. However, it may not guarantee the full protection for any intentional powerful impacts on the device, or if the device is hit on the sides or corners during an accidental drop. Please make sure your device is comprehensively protected using a back case or a flip case.  Also please note that the films have to be accurately applied in order to ensure best possible protection.

What is the maximum level of shock that can be absorbed?
The shock resistance level varies on which device you’re using. Devices that come with Corning Gorilla Glass already possess a certain level of shock resistance ability.  (http://www.corninggorillaglass.com/en/glass-types/gorilla-glass-4). When applied with X One Shock Absorption screen protector, it will achieve a maximum of up to 3 times the original level of resistance, fortifying your screen and makes it even harder to crack on impact.

How thick is the film?
X One Shock Absorption Screen Protector is about 250 micrometer thick. Thinner than any other similar products on the market.

Will the film affect the clarity and visibility of my screen?
X One Shock Absorption Screen Protector preserves the HD clarity, transparency and the brightness of your screen.

Is X One Shock Absorption Screen Protector easily scratched?
The surface hardness treatment has been upgraded to above 5H and is able to withstand day-to-day normal usage, and it can effectively withstand wear and tear from coins and keys. However, please avoid contacts with sands or any sharp metal objects, which is higher than 5H.

I can see air bubbles/minor stripes on my device. What should I do?
X One’s unique Nano Silicon-adhesive layer is designed to stick on the glass surface effortlessly. However, some air bubbles or minor stripes may appear for some users. Worry not as this is absolutely normal, for some, the silicon adhesive will take more time to settle down. Try to push the air bubbles/minor stripes after 24-48 hours of application.

What the difference between X One and the many other films those are currently available on the market?
There are many so-called screen “protector” on the market that comes cheaply and offers very limited protection for your screen. Most of them are primarily designed to prevent minor scratches.

X One Shock Absorption Screen Protector has been designed using the latest Nano Technology and made from materials applied in the military. Therefore, X One is independently tested and certified to offer the next generation screen protection from extreme impact and scratches.

Features and Specifications:
HD Transparency (99.7% Transparency)
– Anti Yellowing (Will not turn yellowish even after long usage)
– Hard Surface Coating (5H)
– Preserves Touchscreen sensitivity
– Anti Scratch (Protects from normal daily wear and tear)
– Anti Air Bubble Application for easy application.

Is it difficult to clean the film?
No, the films are easy to clean and they furthermore offer an anti static function that prevent the films from collecting dust and dirt as well as offering 99.99% anti bacterial protection.

I put the film on my screen, but did not align it properly. What can I do?
This is why we developed repositionable silicon adhesive layer , which makes it easy to remove and re-position. Users can therefore retry application several times. Just make sure to always ensure that all dirt and dust is removed with the sticker.

How will heat or humidity affect the film?
X One films have been designed and tested to withstand up to 60 degrees Celsius and 95% humidity for up to 24hrs continuous exposure.

How many layers does X One Film have?
The film has 4 layers. The 1st is the 5H Nano Scratch Resistance layer. 2nd is the Shock Dispersive Layer, 3rd is the Stretch Resistance Layer. 4th is the Ultra Clear Silicon Adhesive Layer.

With all these layers, will the responsiveness of the touch screen be affected?
No, the responsiveness of the screen will not be affected and you will be able to use all your applications and games as before.

How do I order wholesale?

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The world’s toughest sceen protection!

X-One Ultimate Shock Absorption Screen Protector consists of 5 layers of technologically advanced components and when combined they form the toughest protection barrier that will withstand the unexpected mishaps of your active daily life.